Volunteers Needed! Volunteer your time at Nikkei Matsuri in various roles leading up to, during and after the festival. We are looking for passionate volunteers who can contribute to the success of Nikkei Matsuri. This year, we need YOUR HELP to create an even bigger and better Matsuri! We are looking for passionate volunteers who are interested in helping out before and during the Matsuri. Before Nikkei Matsuri, we need help:
  • promoting (giving out posters, bringing in more volunteers)
  • setting up, one week before the event

During Nikkei Matsuri, we need help:

  • welcoming guests into the festival
  • setting up in the morning and cleaning up at night
  • serving and preparing food
  • running game stations for children
  • selling merchandise at vendor booths
  • running workshops and children’s activities
  • selling ticket booklets
  • managing parking for guests and vendors
  • organizing and selling Japanese books
  • taking photographs/videos for social media
  • etc...
When you join the Nikkei Matsuri team, you will: Make friends! Give back to the community! Learn about Japanese culture! Improve your teamwork skills! Have fun!! And most importantly…. Be a part of a family-friendly event that celebrates the significance of Japanese immigrants’ contribution to the Nikkei community! For questions please contact volunteer.nikkeimatsuri@gmail.com.
Volunteer Form (online)  

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