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Nikkei’s Got Talent

Bigger and better than last year, Nikkei Matsuri’s talent show is back! 20 participants have been chosen to compete in the semi-finals. Make sure to cheer them on as they compete to win the Grand Prize of $500 (1st place) and $200 (2nd place).

Semi-finals: Saturday August 30, 5:00 PM Finals: Sunday August 31, 6:30 PM   

Judges Profiles

Double Ropes Caravan (Yuto, Susumu, Mayu, Misa) > Double Dutch Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy this exclusive performance!! 

Andrea Legaspi > singing “Greatest Love Of All” (Whitney Houston) Andrea is a flourishing thirteen-year-old who’s investing her time in her singing. 

Ac Bonifacio > hip hop dance Ac started dancing when she was 3 and half years old. She also loves singing, playing piano, acting and basketball. 

Kira Ferreira and Toya Peters > Tap dance (cupsong/music) “We love to tap dance together. We make a great team” 

Vincent (Kwok Tung ) MA > stage style magic performance I will perform a classical magic with fast classical music for this contest. 

Nhemy Jr Cepeda   > singing“Memory” I was a front act singer for Brian McKnight concert when I was ten years old. 

Moe Kida > singing “On my own” I love singing and musicals, so hope I can get voice training someday. 

Yamato Kono> singing/guitar “Sukiyaki” I will have fun! 

Takuro Someya > dancing I will show you my Samurai spirit. 

Shinozawa Yuri  > singing ”花-すべての人の心に花を” Over the past decade life got in a way of singing, but my baby daughter inspired me to get back to what I love. 

Jessa Camille S. Carlos > singing “From this moment” (Shania Twain) Nothing’s impossible with God, dream BIG DREAMS. 

Catie Akune and Lee-Ann Segal > violin duet fighting ! 

Kyra Wang > dance & catwalk Being a kind-hearted, attractive girl, Kyra not only enjoys music, painting and ice-cream, but also loves to perform in front of audiences and has won several rewards with her charm and warm personality. 

Alexander Chen > piano Alexander Chen is 8 years old and will be performing Concert in D major by Haydn. 

Makiko Suzuki > dance Dance with all my love 

Erika Tomita Kwan > singing “Grenade” (Bruno Mars) I am singing for my grandma who passed away in August 2011. 

Aya Tsugo > belly dance I will dance with the best of my ability so that the audience will enjoy my performance. Please cheer for me! 

Fujiaki Ivan Mooney > singing “Sen no kaze ni natte” Singing makes me happy and I’m really excited to perform! 

D-Tension > dance (hip hop) This funky hip hop group is choreographed by Yoshi Hisanaga. They combine old school hip hop with new school flavor. D-Tension practices out of Dancin’ Stars Studio! 

Ayako Oi   > singing “Yume wo mikata ni ” I chose this song to express the message, “your envisioned dream will come true!” I will sing to let this message reach your heart!