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Meet Our Mascots!

Meet Rin, Tsubasa, Mako, Nikki & Mochizou!

Our mascots are back and SUPER excited to create new memories with you at this year’s Mini Matsuri! They will be hanging out on the festival grounds to help you find your way around, so be sure to look out for them on our wayfinder signs!


日系センターに、日系祭りのマスコットたちが帰ってきます。 今年もみんなと楽しい思い出をつくるのを、とっても楽しみにしています!会場ではマスコットが描いてある道案内の標識を見つけてくださいね。 去年の日系祭りから1年。マスコットたちはどうしていたのでしょう??


Rin (Age 11)

Rin is continuing to study the violin. Last year, she started learning to play the piano and the shakuhachi. Maybe once she’s had more practice, she’ll enter the Matsuri Talent Show! Rin wants to keep learning to play more instruments, and is especially excited for the Taiko performances at Nikkei Matsuri.



Tsubasa (Age 11) After discovering his love of mountain climbing in Japan, Tsubasa has become a hiking enthusiast! His favourite local hiking spot is the Grouse Grind, and one day he wants to climb Mount Everest. Sometimes Mako comes with him on his hikes and tells him about the different kinds of plants and animals they see.



Mako travelled to Brazil last year for an international karate competition. She made a lot of new friends from all around the world while she was there, and even got to spend some time in the Amazon rainforest! She learned about tropical endangered species and is more passionate than ever about environmental sustainability.



Nikki (Age 7)

Nikki has discovered that he loves to dance! He makes up a new routine to every song that Rin learns on the violin. He also helps Mochizou cook by bringing him new ingredients to try – he likes to visit the farmer’s market and collect free samples!




Mochizou (Age 14)

Mochizou has been practicing his cooking skills, much to the enjoyment of Nikki and the other children! His favourite thing to make is okonomiyaki, because he likes to experiment with all different kinds of fillings. Next, he wants to learn how to make the perfect crepe.