Game Zone

Play an assortment of Japanese-style games for your chance to win great prizes!

Some booths have instant prizes, and others give you points that you can collect on your stamp card to redeem at the Prize Exchange Station. The more stamps you collect, the bigger the prize you get! You can even win a Back-to-school Gift Basket or Arts & Crafts Gift Basket!

Super Ball Sukui (Bouncy Ball Scooping)
Use a paper scoop to catch as many super balls into your bowl as you can, but be careful! The scoop gets weaker the more you dip it in the water…

Yo-yo Tsuri (Yo-yo Balloon Fishing) 
“Fish” colourful yo-yo balloons with a hook – they’re yours to keep and you can bounce them up and down like a yo-yo!

Shateki (Prize Shooter)
Shoot targets with a toy gun. Smaller targets score higher and give you more tokens! Some targets are instant prizes.

Wanage (Ring Toss)
Toss rings at the stakes – land on the stakes with high points and earn more tokens!

Balloon Dart
Test your aim by popping balloons with darts!

Bean Bag Toss
Aim for higher point holes to get more tokens.

Knock down all pins! It's harder than you think. 

Ticker Wheel
Spin the wheel and see which slot it lands on to win points or instant prizes!    

Mini Golf
Putt a ball into a hole and get prizes or points.

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