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Message from Organizing Committee

Welcome to Nikkei Matsuri 2023, a Japanese cultural festival at Nikkei Centre in Burnaby.

Pictured: Nikkei Matsuri 2023 Committee

This year we are pleased to showcase KAMUI, Samurai Artists, straight from Japan. Enjoy performances, Japanese street food, children’s games and crafts, a beer garden with SAKE, and much more. Explore Nikkei Place to check out a live wall mural painting, community booths and our Food Truck Plaza on Southside lawn (admission free area). Seniors will find a quiet place to sit and relax at the Kenko Wellness Lounge.

Participate in the festival spirit by carrying the Mikoshi portable Shrine, dance Bon-odori around the Yagura, and rent a Yukata (Summer Kimono). Shop unique crafts and Japanese goods, artisan creations, and hunt for 2nd hand treasures at the Otakara market.

We’ll kick-start the festival with a Friday night, ZENYASAI, 5pm-10pm. Come for dinner, drinks, and dancing with DJs to summertime house music in the Garden.

We would like to thank all our generous sponsors, donors, volunteers, and participants including Japanese Furusato Meguri tour joining us from Brazil.

Come and enjoy Labour Day weekend at Nikkei Matsuri Festival!






Louise Akuzawa
Nikkei Matsuri Organizing Committee Chair


Karah Foster
Executive Director,
Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre

日系文化センター・博物館 事務局長