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Nikkei Matsuri 2023

Program Schedule

*Schedule is subject to change


Summertime House Music + Hi-Tech Soul Vibes
+ Dancing With DJs

Friday, September 1  •  9月1日
5:00PM- 10:00pm

Zenyasai is a pre-festival Nikkei Matsuri celebration.
Enjoy an evening of music, art, and relaxation among the chochin lanterns and Yagura tower.

Sip on cold beer, Japanese sake and more at the SUNSET BEER GARDEN in the beautiful and elegant Nikkei Garden. Get ready to dance the night away with talented DJs, including Rennie Foster, who will be treating the audience to an extended sun down set. The lineup also features Byegas and the debut live electronica performance by Move 78.

Additionally, guests can witness the live mural painting by the popular artist Taka Sudo, adding an artistic touch to the vibrant atmosphere.

Rennie Foster is a Canadian DJ and music producer most known for his underground anthem Devil’s Water. Currently a resident DJ at Canada’s top after hours club Gorg-O-Mish in Vancouver, Rennie has played festivals like Shambhala, Basscoast and Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition. Rennie lived 10 years in Japan where he was listed in LOUD Magazine’s top 25 DJs in Japan and played Tokyo clubs like WOMB, ageHa, Air, UNIT, and maintained DJ residencies at Club Metro in Kyoto and Rajishan in Shizuoka. As well as playing widely all over Japan, Rennie has DJed several times in places such as NYC and Paris. With more than 100 vinyl production credits, Rennie has remixed artists like Swayzak, Oliver Schories, and has been remixed by greats like James Zabiela and Edu Imbernon. Rennie Foster has released on labels such as Transmat, F-Communications, Skylax, Soiree, Subject Detroit, Teknotika, Rebirth and runs his signature RF music label. 

Byegas is a talented DJ and music creator hailing from Guadalajara, Mexico. He has performed in Canada at numerous festivals such as Revival, Altitude, and clubs in Mexico like Portal, and Area, where he was a resident DJ. Favouring a classy, driving and soulful deep house sound, Byegas is currently recording for labels such Soul n’ Beats, True Sound Records, and Vancouver based RF, where he has remixed the legendary Canadian DJ Dickey Doo and will soon release his own EP. Byegas also runs his own boutique label, releasing and creating events in Vancouver and Guadalajara under the banner of 909 Art & Records.

Move 78 is Paolo Charvet, an electronic musician and concept designer from Manila, currently based in Vancouver. This Zenyasai performance at Nikkei Centre will be his live debut and will be a “dawless” set up featuring synthesizers and groove boxes. Move 78 is a genre bending sound, moody and soulful, yet electronically charged, fusing traditional musicality with abstract futurism and raw technology. His self-titled Move 78 EP was recently released on RF and his vinyl debut release, also self-titled, will be released shortly on MikeyLikesIt Productions with remixes by Rennie Foster and Jay Tripwire.

Taka Sudo is a celebrated mixed-media artist who creates massive murals across Vancouver and original pieces on canvas. Born and raised in Tokyo, now residing in BC Canada. Taking influences from those totally different environment to create the unique style of artworks, but most powerful and true inspiration is meeting people with amazing creativity from all over the world.

Scattered abstract elements composed of neon color, neutral color, newsprint and photo collage etc assemble into organic shapes, to find out strong true energy among real and unreal. Those scattered various elements in abstraction are the representation of our environment, existence, daily life, current affairs, information, and each person’s passion, energy etc.

Program Schedule
Nikkei Matsuri 2023 Talent Search

Master of Ceremonies

Kevan Ohtsji is a Canadian-born Japanese actor, born and raised in Burnaby, BC. He began studying his craft at the age of seventeen, where he earned his first on-screen role starring in Christophe Gans’ Crying Freeman. His charismatic personality, natural talent, and passion for acting led him to roles on shows such as “Smallville”, “The Butterfly Effect”, “Stargate SG-1”, “Mortal Kombat”, and the Montreal shot mini-series “Race to Mars”. He has also had the opportunity to appear alongside the likes of Morgan Freeman, Jeff Daniels, and Bryan Cranston. Most recently, his credits include the feature film “Darc”, “Godzilla”, “Arrow”, “Beyond”, and “Man in the High Castle”.

Nikkei Matsuri Talent Search

Watch a showcase of amazing local talent at the Nikkei Matsuri 2023 Talent Search!

Performers have the chance to share their talent with the world, gain valuable feedback from our panel of industry professionals, and the chance to win a cash prize!


Moka Only

Moka Only, is a Canadian underground hip hop artist. He has won 3 JUNO Awards, 5 Much Music Video Awards, and has been nominated for 11 Western Canadian Music Awards. Originally from Langford, British Columbia, near Victoria, he is now based in Vancouver. Moka Only was previously part of the hip hop group Swollen Members, and briefly a part of Len, and has released albums through Feelin' Music, Legendary Entertainment, Battleaxe Records, Domination Recordings, Camobear Records, Wandering Worx and URBNET Records. He often works under his alias Ron Contour and collaborates with other hip-hop artists and groups. In October 2018, Moka Only announced his plans to retire from rapping, he soon returned, focusing on jazz and instrumentals, in addition to rapping. In 2020, a collaboration with Christopher Esx, titled Easy Street, was released, and later, Moka released the EP Microphone Deflection under the alias Tank Gawd, produced by Kutmasta Kurt, and featuring appearances by Kool Keith and Del The Funky Homosapien.
Tiara Sorenson - Judge - Photo

Tiara Sorensen

Tiara is a singer/songwriter and musician. She has been a professional model for over three decades and has worked internationally with top designers. She has been working in the film industry as a performer for over 23 years and has starred  in several television series, feature films and commercials. As a Yoga Instructor and Wellness Practitioner, her hearts desire is to help humanity heal.


Lynn Liu

Lynn Liu is currently the President of Canada International Arts & Music Society, Vancouver International Music Competition, and Canadian Music Competitions of BC Society. She is a RCM Registered Advanced Piano Teacher and Member of Canadian Music Teacher’s Association.

In addition to her contributions to music education, Lynn has exhibited her artistic prowess on prominent stages, captivating audiences with piano, dance, vocal performances, and diverse art forms. Lynn’s expertise has also led her to serve as a respected judge for piano competitions and numerous music festivals. Her outstanding dedication to the local arts community has been widely recognized.

Tak Maeda

Tak Maeda

Energetic, passionate and driven, Tak Maeda believes that embracing every moment at rehearsal and on stage is the key to a successful performance.

After graduating from the Osaka College of Music in 1978 and performing with the Kansai Philharmonic Orchestra for a decade, Maeda moved to Canada in 1990 in search of more musical challenges. Maeda is now directing four community bands as well as occasionally taking on the role of guest conductor at local public high schools.

Ryan Caron Judge - Photo

Ryan Caron

Ryan Caron is a senior nihon buyoh dance student at TomoeArts, as well as the company administrative assistant. A multidisciplinary theatre creator who has been working in and around Vancouver for 15 years, he also regularily works with pop satire troupe The Geekenders. He rotates between production, directing, and design, recently designing lights and sound for the VanArts acting program.



Electric Guitar, Rock
Felix J.C. Dick

Tap Dance
Bella and Erin (“Wing”)

Melodica and Acoustic Guitar (“Sukiyaki”)
Lucy and Tyler

Chinese Dance
Catherine Wang

Idol Dance

Jazz Duo
Seaquam Music

Singing and Acoustic Guitar (Original)
Edward Ko

Hiphop Dance
Phase 5

Japanese Tate (Sword Performance)

Acoustic Guitar (Original)


Special Guest from Japan

KAMUI Samurai Artists

KAMUI is renowned for merging the elegance of form, acting, and martial arts, captivating audiences worldwide. Their remarkable journey has taken them to prestigious venues like the Kennedy Center in the U.S., and Pergola Theater in Florence.


The Satsuki-kai Dancing Group started in May 2011 to learn and enjoy Japanese dances in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere under the direction of dancing master Kayo Nishikawa of the Nishikawa School of classical Japanese dancing. They have given numerous performances on a variety of stages and senior homes.



Come enjoy the songs and dances of Okinawa with the unique sound of the Okinawan sanshin instrument. Formed in 2020, Southern Wave BC is accepting new members.


Koto No Ne Kai (Koto Ensemble)

“Koto No Ne Kai(Koto Ensemble)” is a group of local “Koto ” students led by Yuriko Nariya of Miyagi-kai.  We play in the traditional manner and have played at many local events, senior homes, schools, etc., as volunteers.  We have played at Nikkei Matsuri for many years.


晩香披 神輿の会 楽一

Rakuichi is known for their high-energy demonstrations of omikoshi at major festivals in Greater Vancouver, including the Canada Day Parade and Powell Street Festival. They also perform Shishi Mai dance with Japanese instruments.



Since its foundation twelve years ago, this Japanese hula dance group now has over 60 members. Their group name, “Wailele Waiwai,” symbolizes endless growth, like a waterfall. The members will show off Hawaiian Hula ‘Kahiko’ (classical dance) as well as ‘Auana’ (modern dance) at Nikkei Matsuri.

Nikkei Matsuri2023へ是非応援しに来てください!


We are APPARE Yosakoi Vancouver, a newly founded Japanese dance team in Vancouver! We dance yosakoi to light up the city of “RAIN”couver and bring smiles, energy and joy to people here. The name has double meanings; “the characters for APPARE; 天晴 mean ‘clear the sky and sunny’ ” and “あっぱれ is a word people shout out after seeing an excellent performance in Japan”. Hope you enjoy our performance enough to shout out “APPARE”!

APPARE Yosakoiは昨年設立されたBC州唯一の新しいよさこいチームです!チーム名「APPARE」には当て字の「天晴」から、雨が多いバンクーバーの空を太陽のように明るく晴れやかに照らし、笑顔と元気を与えたい、という意味と、演舞の後には「あっぱれ」、つまり”Excellent!” “Wonderful!”って言ってもらえるようになろう!という意気込みという二重の意味があります!みなさんが演舞を楽しんで「あっぱれ!!」と叫んでもらえるように全力で踊ります!


“Pico & Chihiro” is a koto/guzheng & piano/harp duo. They incorporate the koto (known as guzheng in China), a traditional Asian instrument, into contemporary music, as well as playing it alongside ubiquitous Western instruments, the piano and harp.

Their music shows how traditions from different cultures can be adapted for modern styles, and be combined to perform together, as well as maintaining and continuing connections to the past.


“Ember Night” is an indie pop group based in Vancouver! We write, compose, choreograph, and produce all of our own work. Since our debut in 2019, we have released 10 original songs, which we look forward to performing live for you! Please come support us at Nikkei Matsuri 2023!

BUSHIDO 節童 (Children of Song)

Bushido- 節童 ”Children of Song”, is the Vancouver/Sunshine Coast based duo Japanese folk-inspired musicians who play wa-gakki, Japanese traditional instruments. As their name implies, their approach to music is in a child-like way, deeply embodying the spirit of joy and experimentation in the process.

Alcvin Ryuzen Ramos is a master of the legendary shakuhachi bamboo zen flute flute of Japan) and a multi-instrumentalist, and has dedicated his life to learning Japanese musical instruments.

Nori Akagi is a multi-instrumentalist and taiko drummer and percussionist who has been exploring a variety of percussion styles around the world for many years, but has been embracing his Japanese identity deeper than ever.

Bushido’s music has a wide range of moods, dynamics, and characters. Sometimes very festive and uplifting like Japanese festivals. Other times very meditative and spiritual. Their expressions through Japanese traditional musical instruments will transport you to ancient Japan and to our modern world…and deep within one’s soul.


The first children’s taiko ensemble in Canada, Chibi Taiko was formed in the fall of 1993 with the goal of passing this unique and dynamic performing art on to the next generation of Asian Canadians. The group’s philosophy emphasizes cooperation, leadership, responsibility and spirituality in addition to the physical and musical discipline needed to build a cohesive and dynamic taiko ensemble.



Vancouver Okinawa Taiko has been performing in numerous festivals, charity functions and anniversary event for just about two decades. The group’s aim is to promote and preserve Okinawan style drum-dancing Eisa, and to share Okinawan cultural heritage. The membership consists of a mixed generations to reflect presentation of grassroots folk art. We hope to deliver the Okinawan spirit through the beat of our drums and harmonies of our dance.


Matsuri karate demonstration by Shito-Ryu Satokai Canada led by Soke Akira Sato.

Sato Sensei has been practicing karate in Canada for 53 years. He heads a world-wide network of affiliated clubs under the Sato-Ha Shito-ryu International Federation. Nikkei Karate is a member. Besides teaching karate, the aim is to encourage overall health and tackle social issues, especially bullying. As well as annual Matsuri demonstrations, Sato Sensei has provided annual Powell Street Festival demonstrations from its inception. Following the recent Tokyo Olympics, Sato sensei was given special recognition by the Japan Karate Federation for his lifetime contributions to world karate.


Although judo is a combat sport, the goal is not simply to defeat an opponent, but rather to train and become stronger. While at times the sport is dangerous with techniques like throws and chokes, the aim for judoka is to help each other hone their skills while showing kindness and respect. 


バンクーバー祥門会 合気道

Aikido is a modern martial art based on kenjutsu and jujutsu. Also called the “Art of Peace” or “Moving Zen,” the goals of training are development of strength and mastery of personality. Vancouver Shomonkai Aikido’s mission is to use aikido to foster wellness in youth and the larger society.


Live Samurai Sword Fighting Show

A live samurai sword fighting show led by Japanese actors Yuki Kedoin and Haruno Niiyama together with their students from Tozenji, Coquitlam. Come see this rare live action show in person – the kind of thing you only see in samurai movies. Yuki and Haruno both teach samurai sword fighting classes at Tozenji in Coquitlam.

日本の俳優の祁答院 雄貴さんと新山はるのさんと、お二人が教えているコキットラムの東漸寺での殺陣クラスの生徒さんたちによる殺陣 (たて)  パフォーマンスをお楽しみください。

Supported by

  • O-Getsu Ryu | 桜月流美剱道
  • Hayashi Ryu | 林流
  • TOZENJI:Seizan Buddhist Studies and Cultural Centre | 東漸寺
  • WA NO GAKKOU:Japenese Cultural School | 和の学校@東漸寺
Food & More

Food Truck Plaza

WakWak Burger

WakWak Burger

WakWak Burger features Japanese-style hamburgers and corn dogs, and Korean-style sweet corn dog.
Tokyo Katsu-sand

Tokyo Katsu-sand

Katsusand, variety of meats cutlet sandwich
Teriyaki Boys

Teriyaki Boys

A Japanese street food trailer featuring teriyaki chicken rice bowls and more.


Authentic Japanese food
Juicy Green Express

Juicy Green Express

Freshly Squeezed Lemonade & Shaved Ice
Kyu Grill

Kyu Grill

Japanese Hawaiian Fusion
Mahshiko Food Truck

Mahshiko Food Truck

Delicious and healthy Korean foods
Potato Corner

Potato Corner

World’s Best Flavored Fries

Nikkei Cafe

Food in Nikkei Garden

Teppan Yaro

Teppan Yaro

Serving up comfort foods like gyoza and beef rice burgers!


Vegetarian Okonomiyaki A tasty savory vegetable pan cake that’s a Japanese soul food.
Japanese Crepe Sasuke

Japanese Crepe Sasuke

We offer Toyok-style Japanese crepes in a variety of flavours.
Hachan Takoyaki

Hachan Takoyaki

Serving up Takoyaki shrimp balls – a festival favourite!

Astro Foods

Serving Shaved Ice


Deep-Fried Spiral Potatoes
NNMCC Auxiliary

NNMCC Auxiliary

Our best-selling handmade manju
Vancouver Japanese Gospel Church

Vancouver Japanese Gospel Church

Serving up Yakisoba. Friday evening Zenyasai only!




Re-usable products such as waterproof pouches, masks and beeswax food wrap.
Pac West Kimono

Pac West Kimono

Vintage kimono, obi, cosplay kimono, yukata, jinbei, happi, geta sandals, tabi socks, hair accessories and more
Sasaki Art

Sasaki Art

Japanese style clothes, colourful scarves, and art cards.
Siamurai Apparel

Siamurai Apparel

Samurai pants, dresses, skirts and more.
Beer & Sake Garden

Stay cool and refreshed in the Beer & Sake Garden!



Book your tickets in advance online on Eventbrite. A limited number of tickets are available.

*This is a free event for NNMCC members. However, there is a limited number of hourly tickets available. We encourage you to book your free tickets in advance. You will be required to present your membership card as well as your ticket upon entry.


Getting to Mini Matsuri

Nikkei Centre is located at the corner of Kingsway and Sperling in Burnaby. Easily accessible by skytrain and walking, car, and bus.

We encourage you to take advantage of public transportation and the Highland Park Line Trail for walking and cycling. 

Address: 6688 Southoaks Crescent, Burnaby BC, V5E4M7



Limited event day parking will be available for a $10 donation on a first come first served basis with no in/out privileges. 


Featuring Japanese-style games & more!

Play Japanese-style games in the Game Zone!

Play an assortment of Japanese style games. All players win a small toy! If the players get the highest score, they get another toy!

Balloon Darts

Test your aim by popping balloons with darts!



Super Ball Sukui

Use a spoon to catch super balls into your bowl.  You can take home the balls you scooped (max 4).




Knock down all pins! It’s harder than you think.



Bean Bag Toss

Throw Bean Bags into holes! Try underthrow or overthrow!



Wanage (Ringtoss)

Toss rings at the stakes.




“Fish” colourful yo-yo balloons with a hook – they’re yours to keep and you can bounce them up and down like a yo-yo!



Hello Kitty Sand Art & Sanrio Pen Stand


Let’s create a picture of Hello Kitty using colorful sand. You can also make pen stands featuring Sanrio characters!

ハローキティ砂絵 & サンリオペン立て

Game Zone Food


Would you like to have some soft and fluffy cotton candy? You can pick between vanilla and raspberry flavors.



at the Charles H. Kadota Resource Centre

Are you curious about Japanese Canadian history? Explore the archives!

Discover new books, old photographs, a 1941 map of Powell Street, Vancouver, pick up a fun activity booklet or access the database. Visit us at the Charles H. Kadota Resource Centre located on the first floor.


Where Songs Surface


Masako Miyazaki, one of the featured artists from our exhibit Where Songs Surface, will be in attendance at Nikkei Matsuri! 

Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of time, place, and memory in our Karasawa Gallery. Miyazaki will be launching her new photobook, A Piece of Stone, and will be signing copies and answering questions.

TAIKEN: Generations of Resilience


Explore Japanese Canadian history and continuing heritage on the walls of the upper level at the Nikkei Centre. Learn about the first immigrants from Japan to Canada; vibrant prewar communities in British Columbia; forced dispersal across Canada; and the continuing stories of civil rights and Japanese heritage in Canada.