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Ninja Tomonosuke sneaks into Nikkei Matsuri

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Special Guest from Japan
Real-life Ninja Tomonosuke sneaks into Nikkei Matsuri this summer!

Catch the Ninja Star!
Sunday, Sept. 2 at 2pm in the event hall

Iga style Ninjutsu successor: Ninja Tomonosuke!

Tomonosuke is a part of the high-level Iga ninja troupe, ASHURA. At age 5, Tomonosuke received special Ninjutsu education and training from his father – a Master and successor of Iga style Ninjutsu. Tomonosuke has expertise in throwing stars: shuriken, umbrella spinning, disguise, stunt and martial arts.  He is based at The Iga Ninja Museum in Mie Prefecture and performs around the world. His skillful works amaze those who see; his unique insights and presentation bring audiences to laughter.

Tomonosuke will be accompanied by his Ninja partner, Kotetsu.