Nikkei’s Got Talent

Bigger and better than last year, Nikkei Matsuri’s talent show is back! 20 participants have been chosen to compete in the semi-finals. Make sure to cheer them on as they compete to win the Grand Prize of $500 (1st place) and $200 (2nd place).

Semi-finals: Saturday August 30, 5:00 PM
Finals: Sunday August 31, 6:30 PM   

Judges Profiles

Double Ropes Caravan (Yuto, Susumu, Mayu, Misa)
> Double Dutch
Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy this exclusive performance!! 

Andrea Legaspi
“Greatest Love Of All” (Whitney Houston)
Andrea is a flourishing thirteen-year-old who's investing her time in her singing. 

Ac Bonifacio
hip hop dance
Ac started dancing when she was 3 and half years old. She also loves singing, playing piano, acting and basketball. 

Kira Ferreira and Toya Peters
> Tap dance (cupsong/music)
"We love to tap dance together. We make a great team" 

Vincent (Kwok Tung ) MA
> stage style magic performance
I will perform a classical magic with fast classical music for this contest. 

Nhemy Jr Cepeda   
> singing
I was a front act singer for Brian McKnight concert when I was ten years old. 

Moe Kida 
> singing
“On my own”
I love singing and musicals, so hope I can get voice training someday. 

Yamato Kono
I will have fun! 

Takuro Someya 
> dancing
I will show you my Samurai spirit. 

Shinozawa Yuri  
> singing
Over the past decade life got in a way of singing, but my baby daughter inspired me to get back to what I love. 

Jessa Camille S. Carlos
“From this moment” (Shania Twain)
Nothing's impossible with God, dream BIG DREAMS. 

Catie Akune and Lee-Ann Segal
violin duet
fighting ! 

Kyra Wang
> dance & catwalk
Being a kind-hearted, attractive girl, Kyra not only enjoys music, painting and ice-cream, but also loves to perform in front of audiences and has won several rewards with her charm and warm personality. 

Alexander Chen
> piano
Alexander Chen is 8 years old and will be performing Concert in D major by Haydn. 

Makiko Suzuki
> dance
Dance with all my love 

Erika Tomita Kwan
> singing
"Grenade" (Bruno Mars)
I am singing for my grandma who passed away in August 2011. 

Aya Tsugo
> belly dance
I will dance with the best of my ability so that the audience will enjoy my performance. Please cheer for me! 

Fujiaki Ivan Mooney
“Sen no kaze ni natte”
Singing makes me happy and I'm really excited to perform! 

> dance (hip hop)
This funky hip hop group is choreographed by Yoshi Hisanaga. They combine old school hip hop with new school flavor. D-Tension practices out of Dancin' Stars Studio! 

Ayako Oi   
> singing
“Yume wo mikata ni ”
I chose this song to express the message, “your envisioned dream will come true!” I will sing to let this message reach your heart!  

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