Performances パフォーマンス

On Both Days

Bon-odori Dance by Satsuki-kai 

Dance in a big circle with your family and friends around the yagura. The Satsuki-kai will lead our bon-odori dance in the Garden! Beginner or professional, everyone is welcome to join.

The Satsuki-kai Dancing Group started in May 2011 to learn and enjoy Japanese dances in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere under the direction of dancing master Kayo Nishikawa of the Nishikawa School of classical Japanese dancing. They have given numerous performances on a variety of stages and senior homes.




Matsuri Star Talent Search presented by Vancouver Shinpo

SEMI FINALS: Saturday 5-7PM   |   FINALS: Sunday 5-7PM
in the Special Events Hall

Watch 20 talented contenders vie for the title of 2018 Matsuri Star and win the $500 Grand Prize!
Come out and cheer on your favourite contestants!


On Saturday

Seishun Youth Academy

Join Seishun Youth Academy, the Canadian sister group to Japanese rock idol unit Seishun Gakuen, at Nikkei Matsuri! Seishun Youth Academy will deliver an authentic and exciting idol performance with their original songs in both English and Japanese! Together, let's make this the hottest stage in all of Canada!

福岡発ロック系アイドルユニット『青SHUN学園』のカナダ校『Seishun Youth Academy』!日本のアイドル文化を全世界に広めることを目標にしてカナダのバンクーバー市を中心にライブ活動を

Sakura Singers さくらシンガーズ

Sakura Singers was formed in 1970, directed by Mrs. Ruth Suzuki, and was inaugurated into a Society in 2006. They invite anyone who loves to sing Japanese songs to join. They have many performances throughout the year, but major concerts are held biennially at Michael J. Fox Theatre, the next one being September 23, Sunday from 2:30pm. All are welcome to attend this celebration of The Sakura Singers’ 48th year of singing. More details at For this year’s Nikkei Matsuri, they will be singing songs from the suite, “いつの日か”, (On a Day).

さくらシンガーズは、1970年にルース鈴木先生の指揮のもと結成され、2006年に非営利団体として登録されました。日本の歌を歌うことが好きな方なら、どなたでもさくらシンガーズに参加することができます。年間を通して多くの公演が行われますが、大きなコンサートは2年に一度マイケルJフォックスシアターで行われ、次回は9月23日(日)午後2:30に開催されます。48年目を迎えるさくらシンガーズのコンサートにぜひお越しください。詳細はwww.thesakurasingers.orgをご覧ください。今年の日系祭りでは、「いつの日か(On a Day)」メドレーの楽曲を歌います。

Sansho Daiko 山椒太鼓

Sansho Daiko creates contemporary repertoire for the taiko, or Japanese drum. Recently the group has been experimenting with an improvisational form of composition to create original pieces based on the strengths and interests of the individual members.


Koto Ensemble 琴アンサンブル

The Koto Ensemble frequently provides showcases at community events and at seniors’ homes. They gather all those who enjoy the sound of the Koto and provide a warm and fun environment. They are always looking for those who are interested, so don't hesitate to join and to learn more about the Koto or the group.


Rakuichi 晩香披 神輿の会 楽一

Rakuichi is known for their high-energy demonstrations of omikoshi at major festivals in Greater Vancouver, including the Canada Day Parade and Powell St Festival. They also perform Shishi Mai dance with Japanese instruments.


Robson 800 ロブソン800

Robson 800 is an All Style Street Dance group based in Vancouver. Half the members are local dancers, while the other half are visitors from all over the world, but mostly Japan. Now they have over 40 members worldwide. Enjoy our 2018 Edition of Robson 800!

ロブソン800 (eight hundred)はバンクーバーが基盤のストリートダンスグループ。ほぼ半分のメンバーはバンクーバー出身の、あとは他国からも含め、主に日本出身。総勢40人以上のメンバーが世界中に在籍している。ロブソン800, 2018Editionをお楽しみに。

Indonesian Dance インドネシアン・ダンス

Atika, Firda, and Mutia started to perform together around 3 years ago. For Nikkei Matsuri, they will be performing Tari Merak (peacock dance), Tari Piring (plate dance) and Tari Sekar jagat. These dances are originated from different provinces of Indonesia. They are ecstatic to present these dances to you!


On Sunday

Chibi Taiko ちび太鼓

The first children’s taiko ensemble in Canada, Chibi Taiko was formed in the fall of 1993 with the goal of passing this unique and dynamic performing art on to the next generation of Asian Canadians. The group’s philosophy emphasizes cooperation, leadership, responsibility and spirituality in addition to the physical and musical discipline needed to build a cohesive and dynamic taiko ensemble.


Tenrikyo Joyous Stars 天理教ジョイアススターズ

Tenrikyo Joyous Stars is a kids dance group. The youngest members are 5 years old and the oldest is 11. They practice at JEC Japanese Educational Centre every 3rd Saturday and Sunday. Through practice they learn how to dance but also learn to help each other and to be thankful.

ダンスグループ天理教ジョイナススター。毎月第三土曜日と日曜日にJEC Japanese Educational Centreで練習をしています。5歳から11歳までのメンバーが所属。ダンスの練習を通し、お互いに助け合う心と感謝の気持ちを学んでいます。

Indonesian Dance インドネシアン・ダンス

Atika, Firda, and Mutia started to perform together around 3 years ago. For Nikkei Matsuri, they will be performing Tari Merak (peacock dance), Tari Piring (plate dance) and Tari Sekar jagat. These dances are originated from different provinces of Indonesia. They are ecstatic to present these dances to you!


Wailele Waiwai (Hula Group) ワイレレ ワイワイ(フラグループ)

Since its founding ten years ago, this Japanese hula dance group now has 60 members. Their group name, “Wailele Waiwai,” symbolizes endless growth, like a waterfall. The members will show off Hawaiian Hula Kahiro (classical dance) as well as Auana (modern dance) at Nikkei Matsuri.

10年前に結成。現在メンバーは60名。グループ名の“ワイレレ ワイワイ”とは、滝のように永遠の繁栄を象徴している。メンバーはハワイのフラ、カヒロ(古典ダンス)とアウアナ(モダンダンス)を披露。ダンスを通してハワイの歴史と物語が表現している。

Vancouver OKINAWA TAIKO 沖縄太鼓

Vancouver Okinawa Taiko has been performing in numerous cultural festivals, charity functions and anniversary events for over a decade. The group's aim is to promote and preserve Okinawan style drum-dancing Eisa, and to share Okinawan cultural heritage. Our membership consists of a mix of several generations to reflect presentation of grassroots folk art.

バンクーバー沖縄太鼓は多数 の文化祭、慈善事業、記念日のイベント等で沖縄独特の太鼓踊り「エイサー」を過去10年以上演舞。沖縄の芸能を次世代に伝承し、エイサーを通して沖縄文化を分かち合う事を目標としている。メンバーは様々な世代で構成され、草の根の民族芸能を表現する。

Koto Meets Violin: Pico & Gavia 箏とバイオリンの出会い: ピコ&ガビア

Pico is a singer songwriter from Japan, who spent several years traveling the world and is now living and performing in Vancouver. She sings with Koto (a Japanese traditional instrument) to express the beauty of Japanese culture full of Zen and refinement. Gavia is a jazz and folk violinist who plays in a variety of bands around Vancouver including Ptriodactyl, Msfits, and the Kendall Goddard band. She is excited to collaborate with Pico, as this project represents a fusion of Western and Eastern influences, just like the city and communities in which we live.

ピコは日本出身のシンガーソングライターで、数年間 世界を旅した後 現在はバンクーバに住み音楽活動をしています。日本の伝統楽器である箏(こと・そう)を奏でながら歌い、禅と優美さが溢れる美しい日本文化を表現します。ガビアはジャズ/フォーク バイオリニストでバンクーバー周辺のバンド(Ptriodactyl、Msfits、the Kendall Goddard band)で活動しています。私達が住むコミュニティーの西洋と東洋の文化の融合を象徴する、バイオリンと筝の 美しいハーモニーをお楽しみください。

Yumeko Dance Company ユメコ・ダンス・カンパニー

Yumeko Kon’s expressive, feminine dance style is based on hip hop and reggae from the ‘90s mixed with House and African style dance. Yumeko opened Sista Dance Studio in Tokyo Japan in 1998, and now lives in Vancouver where she teaches house dance classes at the Dance Centre.


Master of Ceremonies 司会者

Please welcome the following MC's to this year's Nikkei Matsuri!

Yuko Yasutake 安武優子
Tetsuro Shigematsu テツロウ・シゲマツ
Robbie Fukushima ロビー福島
Carly Yoshida カーリー・ヨシダ

Yurie Hoyoyon ゆりえ・ほよよん
Matsuri Star Talent Search presented by Vancouver Shinpo

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